With our great knowledge and expertise, wants to give you the best guide in which products are right for your hair and look. At Salon The Chair – Mie Elizabeth and Cecilie are always prepared to guide you to your favorite products.

IdHAIR Elements Xclusive A Nordic product in harmony. IDHAIR Elements Xclusive is beautiful and gorgeous hair in harmony with nature. Inspired by the Danish coasts, IDHAIR has created, among other things, a Nordic design focusing on recycled plastic filled with quality and pampering for the hair – sourced from nature and produced with care at IDHAIR’s own factory in Sweden. The care products in IDHAIR Elements Xclusive are vegan.

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary in hair care consists in just the extra, and IdHAIR offers Elements Xclusive without parabens and allergenic perfumes. That’s the extra that IdHAIR provides. Invest in the future of your hair – and enrich the universe.

Niophlex – in salon and home treatment

We offer treatments in the salon with  Niophlex that strengthen a chemically damaged hair.  The treatment is made both as a stand-alone treat and in together with your color treatment.

In addition, there are 4 beautiful products for home use.  Shampoo and conditioner that leaves hair soft and well-treated without getting heavy.  Niophlex No.  3 is used as a home treatment after your salon treatment.  Last but not least – Niophlex Rescue Spray, an oil spray that adds moisture and care, to both wet and dry hair.  A true lifesaver.

IdHAIR Colour Bomb

The IdHAIR Color Bomb is the new generation of color conditioners.  A combination of nourishing and color enhancing ingredients provides 2 functions in one treatment.

Anyone who dyes hair needs the IdHAIR Color Bomb to maintain the same intensity right up to the next dye.  And it is also perfect for you who want to go from light to a fantastic intense color.

• Revive your hair color

• Adds amazing brilliance and intensity

• Provides the right care

• Rehydrates the hair

• Color maintenance

Idhair Black – for men
A masculine series that contains everything a man needs. shampoo, wax, gel, and beard oil.

Idhair Solution
Solutions is a great scalp series for both men and women, children and teenagers. The right composition solves all scalp problems.

Idhair MÉ
11 wonderful styling products that create just the look you want.